Confectionery is in the Coppenrath family’s blood, where six generations have dedicated their lives to the bakery and confectionery craft and to the production and sale of the finest pastry specialties. During the past two centuries we have not only acquired a special kind of experience, but also a responsibility for the quality of the products we produce by using all our skills, good recipes, and select ingredients; responsibility to satisfied business partners and customers, who rely on our technical and logistical expertise; and responsibility for the well-being of our employees who make sure that we live up to our reputation every day. Today, we ship our baked goods to countries all over the world. But we never lose sight of our roots. To be actively and emotionally involved, to honor the old and at the same time risk the new- this is what our family business believes in and what makes it different from many anonymous big conglomerates. And this is what I personally stand for an sign my name to.